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Pike in black lake?

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i've been vacationing on that lake for 25+ years always in late july.  there are pike just about everywhere and they will eat just about anything so pick the technique you like to fish and work it till you find the area it works in.  for the bigger non snot rocket pike in summer deep(er) water access is a must.  main lake or channel points and bay.  deep grass flats.  and cliffs all have good potential..  the best pike fishing I have ever found is if you can find golden shiners (in the lake).  get a sabaki and some spikes.  catch the shiners put the right out on a bobber.  great fun.  if you cant find shiners small perch work well to but they are everywhare.  where as schools of shiners are slightly harder to find but always have pike and other predators around them.  for artificials I have caught just as many on twister tails fishing for pan fish as on spoons and spinner baits and soft plastics fishing for pike or bass.  If you have a good drift or slow troll going throw a live bait out on a circle hook and fluro leader 10-30 foot behind the boat as you cast all sorts of fun things will eat it.  and by live bait I mean anything shiner perch sunfish,  as long as you count it towards your limit and its legal size you can use it for bait.

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