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Got out this morning for a few hours. Fished with a couple friends. 2 riggers, 4 divers, 2 coppers. Every rod went off at least once, some twice and one rigger and one diver each went three times. Excluding one skip, all fish were 16-24lb. East wind kicked up, so we came in early. I hope this wind doesn't scatter the bait and the fish. There's always some slow days, but overall this has been a great year of fishing in Niagara County waters.

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Thanks NOAA for a totally wrong prediction.

 5 to 15 sw wind was east 15 to 20.

Still managed two hits on wire dipseys east of Wilson before my rookie crew got sea sick and had to quit.

163 fow, nuke green dipsey, nuke green spin doctor, green fly.

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What's your set up for eyes in erie ? I run worm harnesses a lot. Is it always a night bite?

We use stickbaits and worm harnesses. Black and Purple or any dark colors work well. We normally run renoskys and bay rats 8 feet off the bottom then we use the planer boards with lead core and worm harnesses

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Thanks for the info! Can you catch them during the day?

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