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Ruff Rider Sodus Live Report 2016 Aug 26 - Sep 4

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Yesterday it was the same for us out of Hughes 8 rods out from 9-4PM and only one hit/fish 9.7lb king  on F/F right when we were pulling up in 100 ft of water and right near bottom. Pretty tough going out there right now... big case of lock jaw. May need a solid change in barometric pressure to activate them :)

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It's a fishal you out of the genny today or elsewhere? I am off Braddock Slow for us as well. Got a 22 lb king and 2 Lakers. King came on a green spinny green fly on a 400 coppper

Yea, out of genny. 1 brown and 1 medium run, came off. Still marking

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My poor new shark weight looks like someone hit it with a sander. The bottom paint is all gone!

:lol:  All three of mine look like that now

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