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Ruff Rider Sodus Live Report 2016 Aug 26 - Sep 4

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Skip I havent had a chance to play with navigation much yet. I did get the GO7 connected to my Sportpilot AP today thanks to the help from TrophySeeker.

The latest softwarw update was supposed to include autorouting, so from the dock I theoretically should be able to select a waypoint on the lake and start navigation and have the AP drive out to the lake.

Sounds nice, chances of it working well... slim hahah

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Atlantic.    draw a vertical line at the back of the eyeball if the corner of the mouth is forward of line atlantic if its behind its a brown.  even when they get that big hook jaw and there mouth looks big the back corner doesnt extend any farthur back.  there are other telltales but that one is the best and overides any others.

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