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My son and I hit the lake and had lines in by 1:30pm.  Marked a lot in the 90' range.  Trolled from there out to 130 and bang hit a 30lb female 80 over 130.  Absolute craziness on the boat when the auto pilot quit.  She screamed out then side ways into the dipsey before my kid could get it up. Then ran towards the boat dragging the dipsey under the boat and around the lower unit.  I wish I had a go-pro.  She broke off right at the boat but thanks to my son and his 19 year old reflexes and a perfect job of netting it as it started to make a dive dragging the FF we got her on, we got her in the boat. Took an hour of un-F...ing things, before we were back trolling.  We only had one other hit and that was on a plain spoon, 50' over 100'.  We quit at 7:45pm 1 for 1. 

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