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Smoked salmon

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Smoked salmon

This is how I do my smoked salmon. Done around 50lbs of fillets so far, with a lot more to go.


3 cups brown sugar

3/4 cup salt


That's it for the brine. I leave the skin on if I am smoking fish. Sometimes I like to grind some black pepper on the top before I form the pellicle. The pellicle is THE most important part of smoking fish. I rinse the brined fish in cold water after a day or two of brining. I lay the fish out under fans until the surface gets tacky. Then it goes into the smoker. I use a big chief with a mix of apple and alder chips. Smoke it until it gets to the consistency I want.


Easy peasy.

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I am using a big chief smoker outside, I don't monitor the temps. The fish definitely isn't cooked. Length of time is determined by the thickness of the fish. Normally at least 8hrs.

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