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Hemlock Hemlock Laker kayak troll

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3 hours ago, weave said:

I'd like to hear more about trolling a dipsey in a kayak.  Did you have much difficulty with it pulling the kayak to one side?

only trolled way off to the side if you chose to do this. i set the dipsey on a 1 for.the left side and 99 feet out this angled the 10 foot downrigger pole almost straight back . still enough room to paddle yes a few more strokes on the left side . the variation in speed is sweet the fish hit as i slowed a bit to turn . 70 fow . ill continue to experiment and post every trip 


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I have been thinking of do that same thing but was just going to run a long lead core line. Maybe I'll give it a try. I don't have a fishing (wider) style kayak, but it's still sounds like fun.  Congrats on a beautiful catch.

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