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Reality check

Fished the last weekend of July at Chautauqua for ski's nada. Been to Conesus for pike/tigers 5 times ever since. On August 7th got a 32' and a  27" and had a real jumbo throw the hook at the boat. Since then been out more 4 times with only a  hammer-handle to my credit. Waters nice 73 to 75 in the morning - early afternoons, so it ain't to hot. The critters just got lockjaw. How about the rest of the forum.

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Nice fish. My Dad and I have fished for them for years, he catches 1 or 2 every time we go out. I've only caught about 25 or so I my life over 30". My best was 45".

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23 hours ago, zach said:

Friends, guides and myself have been doing well recently. Need some Bakers my man!


Nice pictures Zack. I was more specifically referring to Conesus for pile- occasional_tiges. I rarely fish elsewhere. From the word I get Esox fishing has been slow  as of late. I cast and need baits that dive deep sat 9' to 12' like DepthRaiders and DD's. Do bakers catch pike  and do you got one that will hit that deep on the cast if so let me know.   





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