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Mr Bluegill

Cayuga Advice sought on trailer bunks

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Hi to all on the forum.


   I have to replace the 8' bunks on the trailer for my 16' Starcraft w a 25 HP Yamaha.  Been looking around on the internet on the best way to do this.  Finding a great deal of advice, sometimes contradictory.  So I thought I'd see what the guys here have to say.    My questions: 

  1)  Treated or non treated wood....this seems like a no brainer for treated, but I read that chemicals in the  treated wood can eventually corrode the trailer attachment hardware, the trailer, or the aluminum boat itself.  True? 


  2)  If I go with untreated, is it worthwhile to apply some kind of waterproofing sealer? 


  3) I'm considering not carpeting the wood at all, and simply putting slides on the top of the bunks.  I'm looking at Surfix Trailer slides.....anyone have any experience with these?   Or any other make of slide anyone can recommend?    

   Thanks in advance to anyone who can take the time to weigh in on this.   I appreciate any advice you can offer.   

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  Probably go untreated.. i doubt it would be a problem if you either painted the  dry PT wood first, or simply added some grease where the wood contacts the brackets, but I would get some angry rebuttals from someone whose trailer rotted to the ground from using PT wood...

 use untreated wood, and IMHO  using some good  oil based weather proofing sealer on the wood  will never hurt.. Also I agree 100% on the slides, they are MUCH better than carpet.. They are all i use on a bunk style  trailers and they work very well.. Also, check to see if its possible to add a few  keel  rollers with brackets on your trailer..On some bunk trailers you can, others you can't.. If possible, NOTHING is better than a bunk trailer along with a few keel rollers added.. I have done it several times, and it makes launching/retrieving a pleasure... bob

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Any idea if they use PT from the factory , the wood bunks on my Shorelander trailer are going strong after 18 years but the wood side boards used to help guide the boat on the trailer are getting soft 

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Hi folks,


I have rebuilt many trailers over the years here in Florida.


Home Depot sells cedar lumber--rough cut--8' -2x4 runs $15


Here's the trick for longevity.  Use your choice of trailer bunk outdoor carpet and only cover 3 sides, leaving bottom uncovered for drying.  I use a few staples to hold in place but I use

1'' # 8 stainless screws with a 3/4'' diameter fender washer every 12'' down the sides to hold in place.  I have had great success with this system.


easily 15-20 year life expectancy in fresh water.


good fishin


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