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Costa Rica on the pacific side


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I stayed in guanacaste at the Riu.
Roosters seem to be the number one target close to shore. Trolling. Small boat. High speed live bait trolling fresh bonitas. Day one we caught a mixed bag (Barracuda, tuna, Bonita, needlefish, etc). Day two we concentrated 100% on roosters but never landed one. The shoreline sights were amazing. Both days we spent the last hour targeting tuna. We tied up to a sprimp boat and while they sort their catch they throw the bi catch over the side. It makes for perfect Chum. The Bonita and tuna love it. Cool way to end each trip.

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Thank you guys for the info.

The surf fishing should be exiting although "the amazing shoreline sights" might be somewhat distracting. From what I gather there should be plenty of small charter guys around. I'll just bring some loaded reels and buy or rent rods when I'm there. I might send some pics of the fish and maybe the shoreline sights.

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Roberts Rangers & Yo-Zuri surface cruisers.

Fished in southern Mexico many times for Roosters & Jacks both from shore and from Pangas.


When fishing in the surf cast until your arms fall off! These fish are Chasers! You need to reel with speed so a large diameter high ratio reel is in order. Something around 50" per turn is ideal. Once you see a Rooster come up behind your lure reel as fast as you can! If you pause or stay at the same speed they will they will turn away 95% of the time. 

If trolling typically just beyond the break you will troll live/dead bait & deep divers. The needle fish can be annoying as they will destroy your baits. Catching one or two is cool for a good photo op though! 

Note the lure in the fishes mouth.

This was one of several landed that day. Kept the boat positioned behind the break and would cast to/on the beach.

When are you going down there?







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Hey Rolmops 


Just throwing this out there.

If you would like PM me your address. I will send you a box of surface plugs for roosters & jacks for your trip. When you get home send them to Whaler for his trip. And Whaler when you get home you can send them back to me. 

Let me know



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After having spent a day in San Jose we flew to Tambor in mini puddle jumper and from there on we continued to Malpais over dirt roads in a rented Toyota Land Cruiser. Our house is right on the beach about fifty yards away from the surf.

So far family obligations have prevented me from escaping with rod and reel in hand, this afternoon looks like I will hit a local fishing village and try my luck on its pier.Later this week I will hit the waves with a local charter. They’ve told me that the mahi-mahi is inshore and they showed me a few 5 foot Mathis that they were cleaning.

I will keep you guys updated.


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Fresh grilled Mahi sure beats turkey. Good luck with the roosters if they're around nearshore Rolmops

On 10/25/2018 at 9:47 AM, whaler1 said:

Going to be in Tamarindo for ten days in January, would love to learn about opportunities as well!

Bring your surfboard to Tamarindo. :rofl:

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So far the the beautiful surfing weather combined with very strong riptides have made it impossible to do any surf fishing at all. But yesterday my son and I went on  a charter. It was on a 25 foot open boat called “God’s Gift”,with local fisherman named Jason.

For 4 hours he shared his experience and laid back good attitude with us. He took us to a small island with strong currents running around it. We trolled at about 6 knots with surface lures over a rocky bottom. We ended up with a few black tuna,a Jack trevalle and 5 Mahi-mahi’s. A mahi-mahi is like a steam train hitting the lure and they are fighters, they must be killed before boating them because they will trash everything in the boat. We also caught a few brown boobies which kept on dive bombing the lures. All in all a great day.

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