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Painting aluminum haul

Chinook Chaser

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I have heard you can't just use anything, some of the ablative paints have copper in them, which I believe damages the aluminum, also not sure if some are slightly acidic and can cause damage.  Do your research for sure, and I'd be asking a reputable marine shop to find out.  Maybe even call the boat manufacturer and get an opinion.

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Is your boat in the water all the time, or is it a "Trailer Queen" that spends most of its time high and dry out of the water and on a trailer?

If it is a "Trailer Queen" then you can just sand it a bit, roughening the surface,  and paint it with Tractor Supply paint at $25 a gallon, the same paint you would paint a tractor with that sits outside in the weather all the time. If it sits in the water all season you should sand it or rough it up a bit in some other way and paint it with some west marine advised paint.

I painted my Islander which is a "trailer queen" with tractor paint 3 years ago, changing the 1985 coloring (breast fed baby poop brown) to the blue and white coloring of the 90ties and it has been holding up great for the last 4 years.

If you choose to use an etching primer,you will have to remove all the old paint and immediately after removing the paint on a section brushing or spraying the self etching primer on. That is because it must be on there before the aluminum oxidizes, which happens within minutes

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Ive decided to put off my main painting till next year, spent too much on the interior rebuild. I'm going to paint my transom only, with Sherwin Williams 646 epoxy. Prep for it is scuff lightly. Wash with denatured alcohol and paint immediately

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Zinc chromate primer

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