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bout time

Fair Haven Pier Trouble

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Ive been waiting for this to happen for the past 30 years. That section has been fading away for decades. Dont worry this is owned and maintained by the federal govt in cooperation with the army core of engineers. That pier is considered to be a safe passageway to a safe harbor therefore qualifying for federal funding. That being said if they did close the pier it would be to foot traffic. Any waterway access would really not be effected with exception of maybe a short time for certain parts of the repair There always has to be open passageway for a "safe harbor"...Our illustrious senators have already stated they will start the process for funding.....And it will get worse in the next month. Their is still a ton of ice jam out on that lake and the seas being high will continue to rip it apart....But it will get fixed and really shouldnt be a concern that we cant get out and fish...


Politically speaking lol....Ironically the funding the govt accesses for this type of scenario comes from the military funding that trump can use in his national emergency declaration to fund the wall...Lol 

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It may take years for them to start work.  The letter states it has to compete against other projects with the limited funds available.  If we're lucky it will start this fall, but don't hold your breath. 

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