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Shakedown !!! Felt great to be back on the big pond !!!
Launch took a little shovel work to clear some ice out but it was pretty easy getting out. Bob and weave the floaters.
Ran east to keg. Scored a few browns on a West troll in 15-18fow. Spoons only. Black/copper/orange
Wanted to also try for some Lakers for a local Derby contest. Got a few in the boat and one was good enough to take first, so overall it was a fantastic first trip out.

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good job bud and great post tell Steve Vinny says hi. i am getting my boat repowered and replacing transom and wanting to be out there. 
Will Do !

Just did the same thing with the NymphO. Can't wait to get her wet.
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That first one is gorgeous with those blue cheeks. Congrats on a successful day out! How big was the laker?
Thanks, I didn't think anyone would notice that I put my favorite makeup on that am.....lol

Laker was no monster. 32". The previous leader was 28" which is why we wanted to give it a go !
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