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West side if Braddocks has a house size clump of cattail floating around.


Be ware if u are driving in the dark and not doing 5mph.




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It will either float out deeper and eventually break up, or it will wash up at Ontario Beach (Charlotte) where George, the Mechanical Equipment Operator will break it up and haul it away.  They have been floating down to the beach for years, although I suspect the large size of this one is related to undercutting of the cattail mat by the high water level and the wave action up Salmon Creek, which is not impacted by the nearly submerged headlands breakwater installed by the USACE.   Without that breakwater reducing some of the wave force, we may have seen a much greater loss of mats off the bay face of the marsh, which was losing about an acre a year on average.  It is going to be interesting to see what kind of damage the breakwater has sustained in all this " aqueous plentitude." 

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