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Predator time


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Shot this nice blonde male a few weekends ago. I did about 20 mins worth of distress calls with no activity, then started howling. First a locator then different female howls (deep/long/submissive) with a few minutes between each call. No responses at all. shut the caller off and about 3-5 mins later this guy came in silent. He weighed in at 39lbs. According to the taxidermist the blonde color phase in males is very rare. Most with blonde or red coats are female



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Great time of year. Yotes will be mating soon. Just like the rut for deer, you never know what you’ll see.


Couple years ago mid day on 18


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The yote rut is in full swing! We jumped a pack of three yotes and and after 4 1/2 hours of running 2 of the 3 didn't make it. At first the hard part was getting a clear shot without a hound in the way the males were so close to the yote. Then after the first went down I put in the females in and they driving hard even sight chasing accrost Sandy Creek in a rather deep spot before I was able to terminate him a mile or so later. What a blast !IMG_20200201_153742499.jpegIMG_20200201_154128107.jpeg

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I decided this season that I wanted to give predator hunting a go. I contacted my buddy Tommy (Whalers son), and he has been showing me the ropes. This was my third time out in about three weeks. My first sit out we had a mice fox start to come in, but it didn’t end up coming together. Second time out got the skunk. But the other night at our first set I was lucky enough to take this beautiful fox, and almost followup it up with a coyote about a half hour after. The coyote came in as we were about to pick up and move, so by the time we got on him he was already heading over the ridge.
It has been a lot of fun learning this game. It was my first fox, so that was pretty cool. Looking forward to my first coyote.

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