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Wilson Harbor Invitational Update

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Hey Pete, dose this open up communication also. i kinda feel it dose with no observers on board ?.  Sorry about my lake trout comment as last year we had the salmon box for the slam and i spent 2 days slow rolling for Lakers with out per vale of anything resembling a big laker and it left a bad taste to me personally. I always liked Kevins promo video boosting salmon slam & 1k a day as the super bowl salmon week as i get a good feel on the bite west & east leading up to the main event.  let us no on that communication deal. 

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To the statement about US citizens not being allowed into Canada because of a possible record ,like a DUI. Canadian laws have changed. You can buy a Canadian license on line and as of last year you are allowed to enter Canadian waters and fish or cruise without calling in. If you anchor or touch land in any way , then you are required to call in and possibly be denied entry. So my understanding is ,even if you have a misdemeanor of some sort ,your legal under the new ( original ) law..

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Moto ….This is still a non comm event. That will definitely be one of the questions asked if polygraphed. "did you or any team member communicate or attempt to communicate with anyone" we still expect phones to be off and placed inside a bag like they always have been. Bob you are correct one can now fish both sides of the border if everyone on the vessel is licensed which used to be a hurdle when placing observers as well.


As I said the event is and always has been a work in progress and we appreciate the positive feedback. We will do our best to make it exciting and we still have a few things up our sleeve as well. For everyone fishing multiple events please stop by the GLSE website and check out our overall. Its the way of the future in overall competition and we promise it will be as additive as fantasy foot ball. Sponsors are all about analytics its our attempt to create a space to showcase our sport but we need everyone onboard. Its also where you can register for this years event.   http://greatlakesspecialevents.com/

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If anyone fishing or plans on fishing the WHI and has any brief input on a few of the major changes, please submit a brief reply.  Tournament organizers are always looking for ways to increase participation, or give events a new twist, or make changes due to comments from the past events. Like the dropping of the observer rule.  Could be a good or bad thing but its a hangup for many and adds a body to someone's boat. So, proposing to drop it, may be a liked change and increase participation?
Last year's WHI went very well, payout was as good as it can get for the number of participants, weigh in went fast and was very well run.
This years biggest proposed changes are: no observer (LD test in lieu of), 8 rods from (6), Canadians fee is at par, so it may increase CND participation?, 7 fish max weigh (all could be kings or a combo of kings BUT 2 lake trout max)in an effort to possibly take some pressure off kings, put some pressure on trout and possibly create a different strategy. (King only guys might prefer a king only format-diverse guys may like an event with a twist similar to many south shore NY events which allow trout) and king-laker box is consistent with the week long trout and salmon slam leading up to the WHI.  
Also keep in mind, the LOC is also occurring that week and includes those two species as well.
Those are the major changes occurring as the teaser video indicated.
My team will be fishing this event. We are not fans of adding Lake Trout to the main event box. The reasoning used above "to take pressure off the Salmon" blows my mind. In an ecosystem that is struggling to generate big fish with enough science pointing to a week biomass of adult alewife I'd think the right thing to do would be too get mature Salmon out of the system to try and bring it back. These stocking cuts are doing nothing today to help our situation. Increasing harvest rates on Salmon and Lake Trout is the only thing that can help us right away.

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