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Mono for fleas


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OR Blood Run 30 lb Sea Flee mono either are good choices. The Sea Flee does have more stretch to it  though. I switched to it when it first came out and have been very happy with it on about a dozen rods.

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I remember way back when fleas first showed up . We were getting this stuff on the line I thought was cottonwood . 


Fished  Mid  Aug every day for a week as my buddy was up , it was a real problem the first few days . Captain's were on the radio ( this was before cell phone ) complaining about it . You would see mates on the back off the boat slapping the rods hard down on the water . Couldn't reel fish in , you know the drill . 


I noticed I wasn't getting it on my cables. Figured it was the wire or diameter . So that night I took 2 rods ,stripped off some line and spliced 150 section of the 40# line I used for squid leaders . Next day , no fleas ! Did 2 more that night and problem was over . After listening to captain's on the radio , I got on and shared it .They blew me off . Told a mate that morning in  the parking lot and  he procedded to tell me how it wouldn't work . My buddy laughed and I shook my head and walked away . 


Shortly after that Cortland came out with Flea flicker . I used $2 49 spool of Mason mono ,which did 4 rods . 


Got on a website that was the predecessor to this one and told them and said remember you heard it from me first . Took a lot of crap about it not being sporting ,it would not work , etc. Guys were saying pink Ande ,spraying line with WD 40 etc for solutions . 


Now heavy line is standard procedure . 

It's satisfying to  know I was the first to figure it out . 


No thank yous are necessary :-):-)


 I was first,Me and a guy named Frank from the east end who I contacted . He told me he was using 40# because he did not want to loose his expense flasher  And found out it wasn't getting the fleas . 

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I fished the finger lakes as a young man and into my early thirties, no such thing as a FLEA-- 56 now.  Two years ago I took my family from Florida to Niagra Falls and  towed my boat.  We stayed on cayuga lake for 5 days and it was mid july and we hammered the fish..  Months before, I found this site and learned about those little monsters.  I am so glad I did as I prepared my equipment.  We had a spectacular five days and caught the slam 4/5 days.  I will never fish there again during flea season.  I hated the heavy line stuff.  When I retire in a few years, we will hit it in may or june or late sept. to avoid the pests


anyway--thanks to LOU for preparing me


good fishin



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