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for sale : usa Rigger weights-torpedos and more

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Yes the USPS Priority mail delivery has gotten really bad as of lately Expected delivery 2-3 days,how about  a week to 10 days. Of course they are blaming it on the Covid.Not much can be done, at least they are still shipping.

I got my 2 torpedos yesterday. The mailman brought the box right to my door. He said “What’s in here lead?” I said “Yes it is.”

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Torpedoes 16s-$45. 12s-$35.00 and finally 10 pound-$25.00. 15 pound balls- $40.00, 12 pound $35.00. 14 pound fish shaped $40.00.Ready to ship-USPS Flat rate  or pick up.PM me. Thanks-Troutman 87

I will take 2 12 pound torpedoes
Let me know what I owe you

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