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Yankee @ the Oak Labor Day Weekend

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What a fun weekend fishing an event put on by Craig Hajecki and Vince Pierleoni. We'd typically be competing in the Fall King of the Lake over in St. Catherine's, Ontario. However, given the current situation these two guys made sure there was an event to fish for anyone interested. The bite was tough this weekend, but we had a great team of guys and executed our plan almost to a tee.


Practice - we knew the inside water for stagers was a tough grind, so we headed offshore looking for 2yr old box fillers. We found them on the 27/28N line straight out of port. Mix of Team Dreamweaver spoons, A-Tom-Mik Mfg. flies, and Familiar Bite meat took fish for us and gave us a spot.


Day 1 - our plan was to fish stagers until 8am. At 8am if there weren't at least four stagers in the cooler we were headed offshore. At 8am we had one stager in the Grizzly, so we headed offshore. It didn't take long and we were into the immature Salmon. Again, Familiar Bite meat, A-TOM-MIK flies, and DW spoons did the job. We went in to weigh in not sure what to expect. Low and behold, we were the only six fish box and we're in the lead after day one.


Day 2 - the plan for day two was to head offshore and get our six fish. When we got to our waypoints from the day before we noticed temp went deeper and we were in search mode. Throughout the day we ground out a nice charter box, but only put four Salmon in the cooler. Not knowing how the stager bite was (due to no communication) we thought the worst. When we got to the scales we heard the bite stayed tough inside, and we did enough to take home the win!


Spoons that worked for us this weekend were custom FishUSA Team Dreamweaver Glow Roy Boy, Glow Gladiator, Martel, and a Hulk moonshine. A-TOM-MIK flies that worked were Glow Blue shredded Hammer behind a wonderbread Smart fish, and a Glow Stud behind a black dot Spin Doctor. Familiar Bite meat worked good behind 8" flashers and Familiar Bite Whiplash paddles.IMG_20200906_171105~2.jpegIMG_20200906_153432.jpegIMG_20200906_163115.jpeg


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