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Waneta tournament

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Congrats to Ch 70.
I thought they were all Ch70 but I wasn't sure about Jeremy. But even without him, it sounds like they won.

We got our behinds handed to us. Congrats to chapter 70. Kind of.

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I just wanted to thank the good people that organized this tournament.  It was my best day Muskie Fishing yet. I know that COVID presented some challenges and prevented us from getting together after grinding all day.  Big Congrats to the guys that put that 50 in the boat. She was a beauty. We didn’t catch any giants but these are the 4 we were able to bring in the boat.





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Nice day guys!  Congrats.  Looks like it was a deeper water trolling bite that day as I don't know of any casters that got any.  Sorry I wasn't able to attend as I was celebrating my 10-year anniversary.  It was a hard choice but if I wanted to make it another 10 years I had to pick wisely :lol:


4 muskies is great day - congrats again.


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