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Seneca Holy eels on Seneca

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rumor has it they are very good eating.  there are wild populations in other areas that are on the verge of collapse due to over harvest.  
Those folks need to come here and take all they can.  Personally i wouldn't want to hold one long enough to clean it.
I'm curious have been you been seeing this all year or really just starting to see it again now? 
The last month has been bad with lots of adults...

Prior to that June and July were pretty bare for em... and they were all smaller ones then.

April/may they were plentiful(small eels. Multiple on silver fish)

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couple year classes in a row like this means getting a good successful treatment in the next two years will be extremely important if weather doesn't allow for it there will be a hatch out from last years and this years spawning classes that would not help things at all.



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