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2020 Colorado DIY elk/mule deer hunt

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Been dreaming of an elk hunt for a few years, we made it happen this year as me, my brother and dad went to colorado for the 2nd rifle season. My brother an I also drew a mule deer tag. Left Wednesday morning Oct 21 got there thurs evening. Season opened on saturday. Rented a cabin but me and my brother camped out a few nights so we could get further. Didn't see any bull elk just some cows an calves. Seen a lot of mule deer, brother an I each got one. Hunted till Thursday Oct 29. Had a snow storm come through dumped a foot of snow top of mountains, only few inches down low. Beautiful country out there, and rough country!! Only makes me want to go again!! Maybe with muzzleloader next time during the rut.












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1 hour ago, reeleyz said:

Great job!

Public land I assume?

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Yes public land. Southern Colorado in the San Juan mountains. We were near Pagosa Springs. Most outfitters are in public land to, one day we hiked half a day over a mountain to a ravine on the other side to a meadow we wanted to watch. Set up camp, still had few hours before dark so I went to watch meadow my brother went the other way, when we got back he said there is outfitter tent about 100 yards from our camp! Next morning we decided to hike back out as they were watching that area!

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awesome congrats!    we went last year  got 2 bulls public land diy.  will be going back next year!  a lot of fun  and a LOT of walking, but you get to see some beautiful sights! 

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