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for sale : usa Locally Made Tackle Box

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The SpoonCrank Box is a tackle storage system which can be used with just spoons (90 magnum and/or standard size), just stickbaits (50), or a combination of spoons and stickbaits. Its unique removable partition system allows you to customize the box to your fishing needs. Storage in the cover provides easy access to terminal tackle, plyers, knife, etc.

Big enough for all your go-to lures and sized to conveniently store in your boat. All USA made components. $60 plus shipping. Send me your address (Please include phone number and I will check FedEx which is usually lower cost) and I will let you know the shipping costs.







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Thanks Whaler. SpoonCrank Box is a "hobby" business to help pay for some of my fishing expenses and keep me busy so I don't get myself into trouble which comes naturally for me. I have a 25 foot Baha Fisherman and fish out of Bootlegger Marina at Wilson. Can always use some extra cash to throw into the hole in the water.

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On 1/13/2021 at 9:14 AM, dctaz37 said:

Do you happen to have supply in Canada?


I didn't hear back regarding my question and I also send you a pm. Please advise. 

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I do not have a distributor in Canada. Hope to set one up after the border opens up.

Send me your address and I can quote you a shipping cost. For a single box it is very expensive. Other Canadian customers have combined orders (4 to 6 boxes) and significantly reduced the per box shipping price). I know this sounds like I'm trying to sell more boxes but it can reduce the shipping charge by 50%.  Typical cost to ship to Canada $27 usd for a single box. Four boxes reduced the per box shipping to $14 usd. Hard to get around it shipping is expensive.


Hope this helps,


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