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First Ever Multiplier Mooching Reel for Trolling


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Hey guys, 
the past 2 years I had the chance to work on something really cool with a custom reel maker. Its a 2:1 gear ratio Mooching reel.
Check out the knuckle busting session at the end aswell to see how the kick back is. Significantly less "dangerous" haha
Let me know what you guys think about this rig!
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On 12/21/2020 at 10:55 AM, Yankee Troller said:

Excited to get mine! I think some of our experienced clients will really enjoy this reel. Trying to figure out the rod now. Great video as always 

Right on Rick thanks for the support! Looking forward to seeing you put a beat down with it!

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Hey Dan


Great video as always. 

Few questions.

What rod are you running with this reel.

What do you have it spooled with?

What presentation are you typically running with this set up? Spoon, flasher fly etc




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Mooching reels will work fine off downriggers or bottom bouncing close behind the stern of the boat. With side planers though you actually tire of the long line retrieval times.

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Very nice. Thanks for the post. The mooching reels are my #1 choice for Atlantic salmon and brook trout fishing with lead core. But I have had so many issues with the Daiwa's in the past I have gotten away from them. And as Rick mentioned, if you have inexperienced anglers on board it can be a challenge and frustrating.

Considering we have a lot of 1.5-4 lb fish and troll sewn smelt a lot of the time, how light can the drags go? And are they smooth at light settings? With sewn bait we want the drags to be smooth and as light as possible to let line out with the lightest hit. I really like the 2/1 as well as the option to get one handle vs two.


Edit: $730 us :thinking: I am sure they are worth it but Ol Joe better get the 3ed round of checks out soon

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