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Interested on what kind of planer board releases you guys like to use for pulling copper 400 and 500 setups on planer boards, have traxtech reels attached to my radar arch up pretty high with coated cable and double keel otter boats. Photo is before reels were attached but they are mounted up by side rod holder. 


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I have been using Amish Outfitter clippers for years. Inexpensive and have a bag of them so never have to bring board back in to retrieve any releases. Will hold my 300 copper fine once tuned.

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On 1/22/2021 at 5:03 PM, ours_to_discover said:

I use the Scotty powergrips but hate the shower curtain clips as I have lost too many in the past - I use the ones with a 6" lead and a snap.


Here is another solution for anyone experiencing the same issue.


I had the same problem, lost a handful from the shower curtain ring getting open & sometimes spinning off the tow line. Easy fix, 1" piece of silicone tubing slid on to the ring. Takes all of a second longer to deploy.



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