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Owasco Day for Browns

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Well started the shake down looking for perch......the schools left the area I had luck in 3 weeks ago so I decided to troll. Back to the camp for my short cores and planer rods. Set up in 25 ft and as I set the first rod,  the line came out if my hand before I could attach the board....a low jumping flip showed me a nice male brown was on........fight was short at the fish breached the surface again and threw the stick........next few fish were pike, one real nice fish over 10, would love to have got a good pic, but kept it in the water for an immediate release as they are out of season. Weeded through a couple lakers and a few more pike and the bite died on me......wind shifted out of the west.....decided to change it up and run short cores......good choice.....the smashing began......2 for 5 on Browns......this yearclass has finally hit the 7-8 pound range. Fun day with other species mixed in.....temp was 46 at mid day......natural smelt colors worked well. They are full of it and hard to keep glued. Although the handling of the fish was not ideal for a quick pic, I insured a long recovery in a flowing livewell prepped them for release to fight another day.



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