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Spoons with snaps??

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Hello everyone.  I've been trying to find an answer through previous posts with no luck.  My question, when fishing spoons, flatlining, dipsey or downrigging, is it proper to use a snap to attach the spoon?  Just wondering about the proper action of the spoon and which is the preferred method, snap or no snap.  I read somewhere that spoons that do not come with a split ring out of the box are supposed to be run without the ring, so a snap makes sense.  Thoughts?
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It is a good question and the answer is probably subjective at best:smile:. I have pretty much used the spoons as they come from the package or supplier assuming that there may be a good reason for either including the split ring or not. The suspicion is that lure balance relating to affecting action of the spoon may be a reason. Over the years i have experimented with tying directly to spoons, using loop knot, using Duolock snaps some with a barrel swivel a few feet up the line, ball bearing swivels, and various other configurations. Each has its own merit depending on the spoon size, weight and shape but most are related to the speed at which the spoon is run and the presence or absence of current.

In order the sort it out you need to experiment with the particular spoons and observe closely. Most folks don't have the patience for it. I think it may be more important when considering stickbaits as they can be way more sensitive to it and in each case it may involve "tuning" the lure..

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There's two camps ... and I'm not sure I ever saw conclusive evidence that one way is better than the other.


- the camp that supports bb snap swivels says you need the snap to optimize lure action.

- the camp that supports no snap ... they say it's just more hardware the fish can see, and it is a deterrent.


Personally, I go on the advice of Captain Dan Keating ... find the smallest ball bearing snap swivel you can get, and use that. For sure, you want stealth, but my opinion is, not at the expense of lure action.

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small Spro swivel at mainline to leader connection, 10' fluoro leader, duolock snap to spoon.  Thats my setup and have never had issues with it.

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