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Made my way up north Friday a.m. and picked up the boat on the way. Gassed up, loaded gear, and got to Sackets Harbor launch around 2:30 for a solo trip. Trolled Black River Bay, looking for walleye. 3 color went off while I was setting but came unbuttoned. Shortly after, the 3 color went off again. Landed a nice pike. Landed another pike on a 4 color, smaller and quite beat up. 
Saturday a.m., engine starts and stalls (normal for my ‘98 cold 2-stroke). Then just makes a click sound! Switch to spare battery, no

luck, just clicks 😖. Load the boat and head back to camp. Run to Watertown for a new battery… still just a click! 😫  Must be the starter. Get on the phone, Burt Goodnough marina is open and have a rebuilt starter that fits!!! Pull the one in the engine, run a half hour down route 3, grab the rebuilt one, run back, slap it in, and the engine turns right over! 👍🏼 Went out for a couple afternoon hours with my brother, but didn’t move a rod. 
Wishin I got more fishing in, but the necessary repair got taken care of and the boat will be ready for the next time! And I can’t thank the folks at the marina for their skill, explanations and stock. They got me back on the water quick! 




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Lots of folks can't wait to jump on the internet to get that "best price" , I've got to admit to doing in at times too. 


These small local shops really have a tough time competing and will surely be missed when they're run out of business. I'm sure having the parts available and a mechanic who will talk you through a problem is worth a couple bucks to help cover their overhead.

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Yes they do have parts for older stuff. I found them when I was looking for parts for a ‘74 9.5 evinrude that was my grandfather’s. It’s currently my kicker! 

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12 hours ago, Pair of Jacks said:

Luke you mentioned your second pike was “quite beat up.”  Lampreys or fighting with other pike?





Mostly other pike. There was one circular welt on one side, that was fresh. 

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