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Took my daughters out tonight from Bald Eagle. All my buddy’s fished inside and had a great morning with Kings and the Browns not far off. Once we get mid July and the reports start intertwining Browns with Kings + switching to NE wind I’m headed offshore. Thought was setup in our 550 waypoints and troll South until we found fish. When we broke 500 fow my daughters thought we were deep enough lol. We targeted 45-70 down and it didn’t take long before we were on fish.  We landed 20+ fish with a great mix of matures and steelhead. 485-450 was the ticket and we literally circled the area waypoint to waypoint and the rods never stopped firing. Although a little tough to start for them the lake calmed down as the day went on and arms exhausted they called it quits about hr before dark😬…. Everyday my girls ask to hang with me is a treasure catching or not











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Enjoy those times with your girls!!  My daughter used to fish with me for trout/salmon and smallmouth (when they used to be around!!) and we both loved being on the water and spending the time together.  Unfortunately off to college a few years ago and no living out of town so don't get those quality times too often anymore.  Enjoy while you can!! - Mr Kato

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