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Another gorgeous morning on the SLR..

Kevin J Legg

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Nice eyes Kevin. I just wanted to thank you for all the information you have shared. Without it I know I would’ve never caught these fish. I finally got a chance to get back out on the water this weekend. It was my first successful night with walleyes on the river. Saturday night my father and I picked up three a 21”, 22”, and a 26”. Went back out Sunday night and picked up a 25”. All off the same spot. My 26 inch and my fathers 25 inch were personal best for both of us.C07FF64F-F3DA-4BBF-87B4-8A119AA50E54.thumb.jpeg.335816a05d0f05eb31e7bc803b1f9add.jpeg77902409-3A8C-4D46-A462-07E228695149.thumb.jpeg.f65c3de41e787b13ffbb619569deed59.jpeg

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Picked up fish each day Thursday, Friday and Saturday bottom bouncing in some fast current.  At about 7:15 AM, on Friday, the glitterboys came flying by at 60+ MPH going from Waddington to probably fish all the way down in the lake.  Apparently it's necessary to burn through tankfuls of fuel to catch real fish like real fishermen.  Don't even get me started........ Friday afternoon, we could see the trucks with boats on trailers of the ones who didn't make the cut heading out of town.  On Saturday morning, here they came again flying past our boat within just yards at 60+.  Wonder if these guys even know we routinely throw back smallmouths they would probably win with, fishing within a few miles of where they launch?


Anyway, had one interesting thing happen.  Brought in a nice 23" fish yesterday morning that had clearly been attacked by something with big teeth.  Looked like something came up from underneath and locked onto this guy, leaving fresh rake marks on both of his body toward the tail end of the fish.  Makes you wonder what's down there sometimes looking a your presentations.  Only one thing in that river I know of that would do this.   You can probably guess where I'll be Muskie fishing during the week.


BTW: had a nice visit from the CSL Assiniboine early Friday morning.    At 730' long and 78' breadth, she's a touch bigger even than The Edmund Fitzgerald!  Nice way to start the day.  Probably if not the biggest, that one of the biggest ships to sail The River.  The size is a function of the lock system.  A 730' long boat is the biggest thing that will pass through the locks.


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19 hours ago, ejt_30 said:




Also ran into that same CSL ship Friday morning. I love seeing the ships in the SLR. Caught a nice limit of walleyes to go with it.



Mariners have a pet nickname for this boat.  They call her "Cinnamon Bun!"

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32 minutes ago, Jason F said:

Got a chance to go out last night with my wife and father. Picked up 4. Lost number 5 at the boat. My wife got her first eye.

not sure why the photo will only load upside down.

Bon Appetite!  Those look delicious. (even upside down!!)

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On 8/20/2022 at 7:58 AM, Getthenet2 said:

Buddy and I hit the river last weekend. Managed to get our limits jigging. He had never caught a walleye from lake o or SLR before and every fish he caught was his biggest ever. Including a 30” 11 lbs. All in all a great trip




Which river?


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