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Best wire for diver

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 I have one wire setup that needs to be respooled. I don't remember what brand wire is on it so I'm wondering what brand wire I should use. Any thoughts on what is best for quality would be appreciated.

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2 hours ago, lyteline said:

There is a guy that sells 30# on here and it works just fine...Look in the classified...


+1 Bought two spools last spring. Respooled one reel and have the second in the box for a spare. Good stuff and at a fair price.


https://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/topic/98982-2 brand new-spools-of-dipsy-wire-line/

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It is called Accustrand (Made by Cablestrand Corp.) and it works fine. I have used it for years. I think Emptystringer sells it here.

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