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I recently bought a 2013 Lowe FM 185 Pro WT as an option to take out on other lakes when Lady O is too rough for the salmon boat. Getting started thinking about how I want to trick it out and have a bunch of ideas.

The sides have a low profile gunnel track but very few products advertised that will fit that. Any suggestions for things that have worked for you guys? Thinking three rods on each side and ond downrigger  per side.




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You should look into the options at Cisco. Was able to have them make me up 90 degree mounts for my lowe. Not sure if that's a similar gunwale to mine. Came out great. I have a solid track bolted onto my boat one both sides for riggers and use the removable mounts for extra rod holders. Call them direct as they can customize. Might take a while and won't be cheap, def worth it. 




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