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2023 splash down

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Got the boat out this week and set off to find some spring silver and stripes. Friday was brutal, but I launched anyway to fish a mudline that was present. Debris was a disaster and I could only troll south due to the strong NW wind. Work was endless clearing debris but was rewarded with a quality brown that took a short core. Had one other board rip but it came unglued. Finished the night about 2 inches shorter from getting pounded with waves, but had a plan for Saturday.  Was joined by a friend and we set out to find him some action.  Stopped and took some stripes per his request and we set out back into the mud for a chance at another quality brown. Core was quiet today but on the first pass a board went screaming followed by a leaping fish. Knew this was a great one, and we worked the boat and the fish, so I could clear the lines. I didnt say anything but I new this was a very large brown.  With lines clear the battle began, and I told my friend to be patient and play the fish with the drag set right. He did a fantastic job and I was able to get his biggest brown ever caught to the net!  No official weight, just the bogo scale between 15 and 16lbs. Not official but a good idea, a few quick pics, revival in the flowing live well and a great release of a great fish in that cold water. Doesn't get any better, just worked out right when it didn't have to.....very thankful. Great start to the season. Tight lines.








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Absolutely beautiful… can’t get any better then that I think I woulda passed out with that brown 😭😭😂 I got out to Owasco this past weekend and had a few nice catches :D I’m also on the hunt for those big browns:D can’t wait to get a 10+ 




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