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  2. Kiss my ass ! Hows that andrew? Good job attempting to start drama between us n the the clubs. Your a cancer to both clubs not just today but since you've become involved. Good thing your a nobody and your thoughts are insignificant. Get off line n go fishing and worry about things that really matter you lil crybaby . Sent from my SM-G973U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Your known as a habitual cry baby behind closed doors always complaining about something so this is expected from you. If this puts your panties in a ruffle then dq me n ban me from all future tourneys, why not vote to get rid of me from muskie inc also? I could care less about the points or the tourney trail honestly as its petty like your response 3 weeks after the event. Bty, i didnt enter the points myself, someone else did I guess this is my thanks for taking u under my wing n helping u in the bait world spending hours helping u n answering your questions . Sorry u didnt take off in the bait world, my apologies. Your a clown for the extreme length ur trying to attack me. Funny how online ur a keyboard warrior but when u call n text u to talk it out nothing but crickets. Best wishes and thx for showing your true colors again. Sent from my SM-G973U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Some of you may have seen my post on fishing Cayuga lake during July 4th week. I incurred numerous cuts on my fingers while attempting to get a quick photo of the fish before releasing. Whether teeth cuts or gillrakers or whatever, my fingers went thru hell. Not sure if anyone else on this forum has experienced anything similar but my cuts calloused over but became increasingly painful. Things culminated early Sunday morning at 1:30 am when the pain in my fingers woke me up. I sensed something was wrong. Taking a pair of nail clippers I cut open the healing calluses and found a plethora of pus underneath. Upon draining and scraping each area I felt immediate relief and things are healing normally. I don’t know what was at play. Embedded tooth shards? A pathogen? Flesh-eating bacteria? If I was diabetic I would have been in real trouble. I included a picture today of some of the healing wounds. Last fish touched was July 5th (12 days ago). Hope this helps someone NOT put their hands in a dirty greaser’s mouth. I am going back to kings! Perhaps finger lakes has a different meaning?
  5. There's ten in this lot. I have hundreds more and can make more Sent from my Pixel 3 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. At first sight you would think so, but there are a lot of launches and launch services that get paid with this and the towns that have launches spend way more money on the building and maintenance than they get out of it. The truth is that we are a very small special interest group. Places like Olcot or Oswego with very good marine services are the exception rather than the rule.
  7. Check the decal on the top of the body- Cannon uses the same body for all models and that decal might also be a seal. One of my Cannons had this issue and had water damage. I drilled a small drain hole in the bottom of mine.
  8. I'll check on the rod holders. I don't use the rod holders on the rigger because it is too high. That could be the problem plus storing them on the unheated part of my garage.
  9. Awesome tip. Thanks for the information irg355
  10. Buddy has one, $1500 I think he said. Would prob do better price. Timmy 412 716 4285
  11. someone on here last year had similar prob and i believe only had 1 rod holder on the rigger which left the other side with a bolt hole open right to the inside of rigger.
  12. Today
  13. ejb

    Sea nymph help

    That's what I was thinking also the batteries are on that side.
  14. Zach are these the same fish that you entered for points in our members tournament trail under your name? If so I would have to say that's grounds for DQ. At the very least points revoacation. Sent from my SM-G960U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. ejb

    Sea nymph help

    I had plugged both the intake and the drain and still had lots of water so I crossed that off. I will replace both lines when I get the floor out. As to the other problem I'll have to see how bad it is after I remove the floor and flotation. Thanks for your reply.
  16. bounce your downrigger ball on the bottom and bring it up 1ft to 5ft off bottom
  17. SOLD Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  18. Either your reel is overfull or you are getting loose wire on the spool.
  19. Forgot to mention use a reliable knot that is not too large as the 50 can make a big knot.
  20. Look at simrad ap24. Great system for your application. Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  21. My flea solution works well. Remove a bit of line from your reel. Put on 150 ft of 50Lb test line than 10 ft 0f 25 lb test fluoro before the lure.. I use the cheap stuff from Wal mart. 50 # Shakespear or Omniflex. $3 a spool of 150 yards. So that is enough to do 3 reels. A buck a reel. Sometimes good things are cheap!! The fleas cannot hold on to the thick 50 lb line down to the ball. Never had the 50 break yet and did not notice any reduction in strikes.
  22. I did a full restoration on my GLS in 99 and the 1st thing it did was sink, do to cracked line from live well line that runs from transom. If yours has one, plug the intake and outlet ports in transom and see if leak goes away. I put new lines in mine and was good to go but never use live well. Being it's up front it sloshes around to mush in heavy seas and splashes out on to the deck to much.
  23. Put a rubber band through the eye on the meatball & do a 1/2 hitch around your line putting the meatball through the rubber band loop, it will either break off or you pull it off when you wind it in & get your ball back.
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