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  2. Fishnatzee

    Dream weaver super slims

    Steeldan, Received the spoons yesterday in the mail...thanks for the quick shipping! Can't wait to get these wet!!
  3. Custom Deluxe

    Dipsy lot

    back for sale
  4. Is the LCX C head unit still available?
  5. Sk8man....well said. You were a bit more eloquent than I but the same sentiments here
  6. steelie1975

    Okuma magda

    Buffalo ny Sent from my SM-G892A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. Big Spoon

    Cayuga Need to get out on my new to me boat

  8. jimski2


    The Lake Erie ice field is breaking up and flowing down the upper Niagara River. Has the ice bridge under the falls broken up? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Good point there. This website contains some of the best information you'll find anywhere on salmon and trout fishing. A lot of the information focuses on equipment and technology advancements that aid people in being successful fishing. People now heavily rely on technology in general to solve problems and "enhance" their lives and the Internet and smartphones have created a great learning environment, but it also has drawbacks especially for inexperienced novices viewing information and assuming that the technology solves everything and can make them an "instant expert". When reading some of the posts on here it becomes pretty obvious that what is often missing is the actual experience fishing and learning to fish by learning the habits and differences among species the many different techniques and methods employed to catch fish. There seems to be an expectation that the learning curve can be totally eliminated by the purchase or use of some electronic device or piece of equipment or vicarious information....no time or effort needed....problem solved. The purchase of the latest greatest technology or lure paint scheme or newly developed line is suggested to be the solution to not catching fish. To the person looking at the information here who has not spent the actual time learning to acquire the basics of fishing I would suggest you are making a huge mistake assuming that any of these aids is "essential" or "needed" to catch fish. Spend time experimenting without reliance on the technology and view the devices as aids or additions to your fishing arsenal and truly appreciate the basic experience of figuring out the fish and their behavior. In the long run you will become a much better fisherperson and will not be subject to "panic" when the technology breaks down out there.
  10. Sign up for a Pro membership ($20/year) and the problem goes away.

    Dead Steelhead at Burt Dam

    No one is saying all trib guys are unethical snaggers Dave. I know tons of respectable trib anglers and have fished with some of them. It is the bad apples that I hate and b*tch about (both land and boat). Here is a question you might be able to answer Dave: How has TU not used its pull to get the state to do more about the issues on the LO tribs?
  12. Does anyone have this problem. When I’m in classified on LOU. I’m constantly getting redirected to these web sites. There something strange going on... I could be looking at an add in classified and I’ll get redirected to these web urls 5-6 time and I have to keep hitting back to get back to the classified add I was looking at. I have attached pix of the sites I’m getting redirected to. Can the administrator review and advise how to stop this. I don’t get this when I’m looking at spoonpullers site. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. Will you split these up i need 6 rod holders
  14. Today
  15. Kevin J Legg

    SLR perch

    Not plump. No eggs and empty red sacks inside. No males found at all. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  16. I was away from the Lo fishing for about ten years then got back into it heavily last year. When I had my spoon business and charter I never ran a fish hawk but I was in the water daily from May through September. Locating and catching fish was never a problem for me. The fishhawk is a great tool but often times people become so reliant on temperature that it works against them. I have caught salmon out of temperature more frequently than some would believe. My point is that if you run the fishhawk as your sole tool to locate fish, it can, and eventually will, work against you. If you use it as a tool to assist it is well worth the money.
  17. Where are you located Sent from my LM-X210VPP using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  18. Do the knobs tighten into defined holes in the shaft to prevent the tubes from slipping under the torque of a Dipsy rod or when a fish hits?
  19. landingzone

    I bay 4 /17

    Nice report. Thanks.
  20. mako20


    12 lb seaguar is the ticket.l!!!!!! Won’t let yo down. Red or blue label. I recently tried some 10 lb “sunline” don’t waste your time. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  21. Sk8man

    Backing for leadcore

    OR #8 Spros
  22. Sk8man

    Sodus Bay Launch

    I believe that has been the policy since the 1970's as the beach opens up....
  23. King Davy

    Dead Steelhead at Burt Dam

    While putting the Pens together at the Oak, an ECO stopped by to Chat. As usually happens we talked about the difficulty in catching and then having a Judge convict the ticketed offender. The ECO also shared a story about a Charter Boat Captain he ticketed for fishing violations....stating the problem is not only on the tribs. BUT I didn't come away from that conversation that ALL Charter Boat Captains are law breakers. If we REALLY want to fix this.....stop generalizing or profiling people just because of the method they fish, or where they choose to fish when a law is broken in either environment.
  24. Bump Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  25. Fjaq

    Sodus Bay Launch

    Made our first trip to Sodus on 4/17/19. The docks at the public launch next to Arnie's Marine were NOT yet in place. You can use the launch at the Coast Guard Station, it has a dock in place. Something I did not know,,, the launch at the Coast Guard Station is CLOSED from Memorial Day through Labor Day.
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