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  1. Cleaning and organizing gear and have the following for sale: Adjustable triple rod holder - was $35.00 plus shipping - now $30.00 plus shipping Trolling plate - was $40.00 plus shipping - now $30.00 plus shipping Walker manual downrigger in good condition with 40" boom but no base - was $75.00 - now $70.00 local pick up preferred Walker Manual downrigger with rodholder and 48" boom, but no base in good condition - $100.00 local pick up preferred Cabela's Ratchet Lock Boat Cover – V-Hull I/O •Fits open or closed bow •Accommodates bow rails up to 6" high, windshields up to 20" •Made of 600-denier, high-density, pigment-coated polyester •Resistant to mildew, abrasion, water penetration and UV rays •Fully reinforced major stress areas – bow, stern and windshield •Quick-release buckles and mooring straps •Nylon web strap with ratchet for secure fit The elements can take a toll on outdoor equipment, especially boats and boat covers that are constantly exposed to weather extremes. Our V-Hull I/O model fits either open or closed bow boats and accommodates bow rails up to 6" high. Fits windshield heights up to 20". Our Ratchet Lok Boat Covers are built to take on the weather and keep your watercraft protected for many seasons to come. We build these covers out of 600-denier, high-density, pigment- coated polyester that is resistant to mildew, abrasion, water penetration and UV rays. Seams are double-needle- stitched with tough polyester thread and fully reinforced in major stress areas – including the bow, stern and windshield. Three removable quick-release mooring straps on each side help eliminate stress and rub areas that could damage your boat's finish. All covers come complete with heavy-duty web strapping sewn into the hem, and two heavy-duty ratchets at the stern for a secure fit. Colors: Charcoal, Navy. 20' Boat length/ 96" Max Beam/ 98" Transom Width/ Charcoal Brand new in box - retails for $394.99 - paid $275.00 - will sell for $200.00 plus shipping - now $180.00 plus shipping Thanks for looking, Shawn
  2. Nice job Ed and crew! Thanks for the pics - I was jealous and I'm sure others were too..... Shawn
  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! Hope Santa was good to ya. Shawn
  4. Dream season for sure! Nice work! Shawn
  5. Congrats Jerry! Great buck and story to go with it! Way to put a plan together and make it happen. Shawn
  6. Holy deer in the headlights she's a biggun. Shawn
  7. Definitely a father's influence! Nice buck and Happy Birthday! Shawn
  8. Congrats on the success Rob! "but in presence of a hot doe, his decision making ability is skewed." Perfectly stated! Way to close the deal. Sounds like you have your 2014 opening day spots already picked out. Shawn
  9. Happy Birthday Bob!! Hope its a good one! Shawn
  10. With the Southern Zone gun season opening on Saturday, good luck to all and stay safe! I can't wait to head out early tomorrow for once last day of bow season and then as the rest of the group trickles in, enjoy the "hunting camp" routine for the rest of the weekend. Shawn
  11. Well done! Those boys will remember that the rest of their lives! Shawn
  12. Well, this recipe doesn't get old. Since introducing this chowder to my hunting pals, it's become the "expected" dish for opening day. Making it tonight - hope there's enough left for them come Saturday.... Shawn
  13. Mostly smaller 1-1/2yr olds chasing all over this past weekend. Bigger bucks are starting to show themselves during daylight. Rubs and scrapes are increasing as well. Had a young buck walk by 20' away after climbing down from my stand Fri night downwind and acted like I wasn't even there. Hopefully this weekend the bigger bucks will be chasing. Good luck, Shawn
  14. Pulled trail cam cards Sunday morning and look what walked by one of our stands (see ladder in background behind buck). Of course I was at the opposite corner of the property watching red squirrels. My guess is 3-1/2 and gross 144" Shawn
  15. This stuff works great http://www.sawyer.com/tech-bugs1.html Is this what your talkin about machzrcr? Shawn
  16. Great story Rob! Really made one feel like they were there with ya and brings back memories for those of us that have gone through that "emotional rollercoaster" as evident by the replies. Congrats man! Shawn
  17. Nice buck for sure - congrats! Shawn
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