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  1. Yes, exact same problem with 9 colors instead of 10 on both spools I bought. Was when line first came out and I did discuss with them. Who ever makes it for them is a slow learner or its old stock if they still have the issue. Figured they would label as 9 color and sell it that way. Packaging problem by manufacturer that is a pain for a guy putting a 10 color rig together only to find out he's short 10 percent.
  2. I picked up 2 spools of 10 color stealth core a couple years ago and found they were only 9 color. I've used it in segments and it's ok. Surprised to see they still have issue selling a 10 and giving you a 9. At the time they told me they would give me a break on my next order to make up for the issue. I haven't gone back-kind of left a bad taste with me.
  3. Have had a 7000lb aluminum Venture bunk trailer since 2008. Trailer has been OK - had couple wiring issue's where wires got crushed by the mounting clips. Trailer could have a better harness and different mounting so they probably saved some bucks there. Frame and running gear has been fine. I had the option of a more expensive trailer but went with the Venture as I was already 15K over budget with a new boat instead of my original plan of buying used. For the amount of towing I do it works. With fresh water use no problems at all with any rust. If I was buying a trailer today I'd look at a Venture and check out a couple of other brands to see if the features were worth a higher price.
  4. Regarding charging systems on manual start kickers- I currently have manual start Yamaha 9.9 and 8 hp kickers with charging systems that work. I've also owned a Honda with a manual start and charging system. I've found the little four strokes to be very dependable and other than oil changes have used few parts over the years. Charging system for me is a must have.
  5. Appreciate the efforts of Joe, Tim and the other staff that put this on. I enjoyed meeting Big Dave and other LOU members. The larger room for the market was great for shoppers, vendors and to socialize. Real happy with the whole weekend as it makes a nice January getaway. Good way to kick off 2015.
  6. The albino frog on the home page picture is a 10" Assassin with a 22" fly (same length I use for 8"SD). I'm the guy in the photo and have been helping Dave @ R&R on these. One of the points I've discussed with Dave is that guys aren't going to want to change their fly lead lengths to use a different attractor and the SD is probably most popular. I also had success with Green Froggy 11.5" Assassin with 34" fly (same length I use for 10" SD). Ran these off riggers, dipsey's and copper with no problems with tangles. These new Assassins work well with flies. These are more forgiving in the spread than 13" Kingfisher's. I'll be at the LOTSA show with R&R and can discuss fly lengths and rigging. Dave's detail on these really pop.
  7. Have had Traxstech track and rigger swivels for my long arms since 2008. Never had any issue's with flex or mounts loosening. I did use aluminum backer under gunnel when I rigged to support track. When I walleye fish I pull the two long arms and add more rod holders so if tracks had an issue I would have seen it. I also have a second boat with Bert's that have worked OK too.
  8. These locks fit mag 5st, mag 10stx, digitroll 5 and digitroll 10. MSRP for the Cannon lock is $32.99 which is why I looked for something off the shelf to replace the cannon part.
  9. I used Part # 1XRY5 Mini Cam Lock from Grainger on my new series Cannon's. Lock's were $5.24 a piece and total with tax and shipping was $22.48 for two locks. Locks come with two lock pieces-one straight one offset. Fit perfect with a little filing. For what these are I couldn't see spending what Cannon wanted for them so I did some research. Figured it was an off the shelf item and nothing specific to Cannon. I didn't have to modify any Cannon pieces for these to work.
  10. Amish outfitters has ball Snubbers made with spectra. I used them on my Cannons and they took the snap and bounce out. I didn't see any more blowback with them. Cost on snubbers about 5 bucks a piece.
  11. Sorry to hear of your problems. Not sure how your boat is equipped - trim tabs, kicker, etc. my guess is that you should have 200 to 225hp on a 23 Walk. I have a 25 Walk with 225 ETEC that runs in mid to upper 30's with kicker, 4 riggers and full fuel load. One of my buddies has a 21 CC with 150 Four stroke and I know he wishes he had a 200. So I think a 150 would have to work pretty hard on a 23. Given the time of year it might be worth exploring more options. If you troll with your main motor, I think a 200hp four stroke might be worth looking into. Weight difference to 225 Optimax might be less than you think. When I bought my boat the ETEC was 100 to 150lbs less than a Honda which was the weight of my Yamaha kicker and mounting. Good luck with your project.
  12. Based on the seat locations, I would suggest looking at a track system running up the gunnels. I would use the longest track you could fit and full length backer. Moving your riggers up the gunnel would allow better access and room for netting. With a long arm rigger and a swivel base there shouldn't be any motor interference. You would also have room for rod holders and everything could be removed when you weren't trolling. Traxstech and Bert's both offer good track systems. Not exactly a cheap setup, but one that would function well and last for years.
  13. Harbor has been dredged. When we were there Friday sounded like they were hoping to finish up that day.
  14. Spent Friday fishing with my son who is visiting from Olympia, Washington out of Barcelona. Did three eyes and one LT. Two eyes came 60' down off rigger on raspberry stinger and other came off clown smithwick on slide diver. Fished 80' to 110' west. Nice weather and enough fish to keep it interesting.
  15. I have two big body mounts with screws- $20.00 Also have two old style mag 10 locks- $30.00 Can arrange for p/u in Rochester
  16. On the eight inch I was using 22" inch leader same as I use on the 8" SD. On the 11" I was using a longer leader about 36" to 40". I ran some 13" with 5 foot leaders on cut bait which didn't take any hits.
  17. Planned for a late start so lake could lay down. Had some new R&R Salmon Assassin attractors to play with and they took two matures and a nice coho. Also did a steelhead on a rocker spoon. Ended up 6 for 7 in a little over four hours. Matures came 80 to 90 down over 120 plus a little west. Matures were still feeding so probably another week or so left. This was my last Lake O trip for this season.
  18. Regulars work fine on Lake Ontario. I run a section of mono on my wire for the SD. I use light bite SD's on Lake Erie so I'm not towing small fish around.
  19. Keep your dipsey drags loose to the point they are creeping or use a rubber band so they are loose when fish hits and breaks band. Don't say if you use snubbers, but I use them and feel they help with hook up to landing ratio on the wire. I use the clear stealth snubber not the older style colored ones. Doesn't hurt to get in habit of loosening drag as you pull dipsey from rod holder either.
  20. My guess is that your dipsey is running higher than you think it is. I'd suggest you move a rigger higher and also play with your leads off the ball. Dipseys are a deadly tool but some days the fish want the riggers. I can see my riggers on electronics so I know where they are. Dipsey's I think I know, but have come to the conclusion they are probably higher than what I think usually.
  21. Hawkeye's post is the one I use to connect my Etec to Yamaha. I had some vibration in the threaded rod so I slipped a piece of hydraulic hose over the rod. Nice and quiet now - works fine. I remove rod when I tilt my kicker.
  22. Starting out I'd suggest you keep your cheater spoon on a rigger with a spoon. Easier to handle with a fish with two spoons on the line. Keep your flasher fly on its own rigger. Hope you have some success.
  23. Before I had down speed I always used my rigger cables as a reference. I would make sure they laid back and I would also check my back riggers for lateral shift. I would try to minimize that lateral shift so my spread tracked straight. Speed and down temp one of the most important tools so it should be at the top of a wish list. Current is tough to make generalizations on as it varies so widely even in the same day.
  24. I'm using 9 inch Amish Outfitters on my Cannon high speed riggers. Really takes the snap out when they stop at the water. I don't see any difference in blowback but ball does wiggle a bit more in the water. I'm using 13 lb ball on my back riggers and 10's on my side riggers. So far I'm pleased with what I see with the snubber over the slam the rigger took without them. I might try some of their 4 inch to see what they do as well.
  25. I had same situation and ended up spending the big money for the Cannon upgrade kit for two of my old Mag 10's that I ran all the time. I had two others I made a harness with a plug I found at an auto store that mated to the old style Cannon plug. I didn't use these riggers much and it did work. Wire that came with plug was really to small a gauge wire. I have seen guys cut off the Cannon plug and put both a new male and female in. Key is get a quality plug and use heavy wire back to the battery.
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