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  1. god I'd love to try it but if I put togather the money for the yak and assosiated equipment i would probably hold out a bit longer for the bigger boat (mines 14').
  2. when getting swivels two words ball bearings they are worth every penny
  3. I think the best thing you can do for the lake is to keep a variety of species in high numbers it makes for more fishing opportunites in more conditions and if somthing happens that one spieces has a real bad year something elese can boom preventing the fishing industry from taking a big hit and by the way I'm jealous of that atlantic my biggest ever was approx 10lbs caught in the river fought like hell it swam away and hopefully didnt get snagged and thrown on shore that year
  4. shade i'm about half way between the genney and sodus along the thurway so braddoks the genney irondiquoit pultneyvill huughs and sodous and any thing between are under an hour for me and I will go further if neccesary
  5. currently i have a wire set up a braid set up that I use with a deep six with and a lead core I also have 3 rigger rods and actully can put a board out on the port side of my boat. the motors a 66 johnson 40 horse it runs great but is a hog on gas so my range is limited and I dont like to be off shore in anything but real calm in case something happens with that motor, in the past I've had a gas line rupture i've also had the recoil break which is bad when the electric start doesnt work (never has) both times the troller has been good to get me in or a tow in the case of water in the gas (boat flooded over night had to bail 2ft water in the morning should have checked gas). but in lake O with a little wind I could get in trouble quick. most of my equip is borrowed from dad he doesnt salmon fish anymore so he lets me use it to keep certian others from borrowing and runing it so I have that bit of a head start. I will definatly take you up on the offer rdebadats I'm working sat the 21 but am free sun the 22 of august or if your an evening guys i'll be out around noon on the 21 and i will def look at the open seats topic
  6. alright I grew up fishing lake O but when my dad sold his boat my trolling days were done i got a 14 footer a few years back and have started fishing the finger lakes its fun but it makes me miss lake O I would love to fish the LOC and was hoping someone had an open spot on a boat I can bring any or all of my equipmnent its limited but I have the basics I live in clifton so anywhare from rochester to sodus is a very reasonable drive for me but i'm willing to go a little furthur as well I would be available probably one day each weekend with one or two exceptions. I can chip in for gas as well. If anyone wants to take pity on a desperate fisherman please PM me and i'll give you my cell #. if not thats okay i figure 2 more years and I can buy a bigger boat
  7. as a suggestion anyone looking for a good striper trip go to the hudson in the spring I did it for the first time this year what a blast. I took my 14' starcraft and managed to get on good fishing without paying for a guide but there are pleanty of charters available if your looking
  8. you can develop an alergy to just about anything so i'm not suprised by this be careful though with allergys each exposure will cause a stronger and stronger reaction. Even a skin irritent can become a serious health risk with repeat exposers. You should get a box of dissposable gloves its like 10 bucks or less for 100 pairs and ware them when cleaning lines. If you have been exposed many times with no irritaion than you probably didnot develope an allergy and the chances that you will go down dramatically. Thas just how the immune system works.
  9. I once met a guy on the genney fishing the fall run that would spray wd-40 on a sponge and use it for bait he claimed it worked wonders and that he got a ton of bites I than watched him snag 3 straight fish and say to me see I told ya so. I had to walk away shaking my head and laughing
  10. are you still looking for one for oswego I would love to do it beats working my second job on a weekend also am trying to get back into trolling figured in about 2 years i'll be able to upgrade to a bigger boat and get off the fingerlakes
  11. I would love to but I leave for my week at black lake on the 18th
  12. back when I was a kid my dad use to run small dipseys off of each side rigger called them down and outs would like the line back 50 feet or more and than set it that way he could park the rigger at 70' and still have a lure down 100 used to get a lot of fish that way but that was many years ago i'm just getting back into trolling now and things have changed
  13. I remember a show like that the guy dipped the bait in the bilge than put it out all the oil washed off in minuets and the spoon got hammered. metal is not porous so scent washes off quickly with soft plastics or other baits it can be a different story thats why you see so much scent in bass fishing.
  14. sorry it took so long to post got back out this weekend probably wont be back till late july. took the wife didntt get out till almost 10 started at last weeks area north of deans cove nothing. trolled across the lake picked up one keeper LL managed to wrap on both dipseys that fish was crazy. was the wifes first salmon. didnt get another hit till we got all the way back across the lake to the south of deans. another keeper LL that fish managed to get both sliders in its mouth. I havnt seen that since I was a kid with lakers on the big O slow day and what a pain with the fleas but not a skunk and definatly learning some things.
  15. Hello I am fairly new to this site. I hope to become a regular contributar. I've only had my boat out twice since I got my downriggers and on the advise I got here I took the long drive past seneca to cayuga (deans cove). What a blast we went 6 for 10 On LLs with action all day. from 120' to 250'. with everything being in the top 50 foot. black or silver with green were the hot colors mostly on the sliders. kept two for the grill (first time they were tasty ) put the rest back. Makes me miss the days growing up fishing lake O with my dad. was wondering is this area good all year as its an hour drive for me and do the salmon get bigger as the summer goes on? If not I need to lighten up some tackle for them and keep the heavy stuff for the lakers. I did not get any lakers but fished mainly up high as it was a steady bite.
  16. I used to leave them in the water with a bucket over there head calms them down and you can unwrap them also remember there 1/20th your size once i remembered this just grab them and hold them between arm and body while unwrapping the more immoble you hold them the less damage is done.
  17. tried it this am not a single strike left early went looking elesewhare didnt do any better. that lake fustrates the hell out of me one day we kill them cant troll two poles than the next 5 times out I cant buy a fish.
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