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Dipsy set up

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Certain times of the year mono or braid divers can be good especially running slide divers or spoons up high - for a pure king salmon presentation though go with wire.  There's a reason so many people run wire on divers when it comes to kings.

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Mono can be used for small divers in shallow water where it is ok to have a little give in the line,  but not as much as with a lot of line out. Wire is often the best option for large divers and where a lot of line may be out and using a mono or fluoro leader at the end of it. 65 pound braid is another option. Although fleas stick to small diameter lines and especially braid the diameter at 65 or above seems less prone to build up. Be aware however that when fleas are thiickest they can adhere to about any diameter even 150 or 200 lb test downrigger cable. Usually the fleas stick to nearly any joint in a line so minimizing these places to the degree possible is also advised:smile:

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Braided wire is the way to go ... 30lb, 7 strand is good enough. It cuts through the fleas.

You can take your chances with 30lb braid, but there will come a time where it will become unusable due to fleas.

Never use mono ... you won't be able to put enough line on the reel (you want minimum 700 ft, preferably 1000 ft).

Some days you need to set them deep and you'll have 300 ft out just trolling ... and then a salmon hits and takes another 300 ft.

Mono stretches WAY too much, and you won't be able to pop the dipsey if you need to retrieve the line.

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