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It depends 


Last few trips temp was deep at 100 so flasher on my probe rigger and 2 spoons  stacked on the other rigger or 1 flasher each rigger  


If the temps 75 ft to 50 ft ,  1 line  on each rigger and #5 Chinook diver . .


40 to 60ft temp  1 spoon each rigger , And slide diver 


Staging kings 1 j plug each rigger . 


I prefer just riggers if possible . Better maneuvering and easier  all around . 

And easier to net fish 

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When I'm fishing Stagers , I run 2 j plugs . If a rod fires I know it's a king ,  I grab the other one , pop it , and reel it in as fast as I can while I put the boat in nutural or turn it down wind and put it in nutural. I can boat the fish in 5 min that way . Sometimes I chase them down . I have gotten a few doubles as both rods went off within seconds of each other . Not real fun . 1 at a time please . 


I go out at first light . My personal best is 8 kings boated by 830 or so . Landed 6 or 7 many times . And got skunked more than once.  

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Up to 60 FOW, chute rigger and two braid slide divers. Any deeper, I switch the braid slide divers to wire slide divers. I do this for browns and kings.

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Or whatever you catch fish successfully, I’ve tried 2 riggers , because it’s easier Solo, but I catch more Salmon my way….

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