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What an amazing last week of summer fishing off Rochester 80+ fish in 6 days of fishing  


28th - Headed way off shore and fished from the 27n-32n.  Great mix of Matures, 2 year old's and steelhead.  There were pods of fish scattered out there so it was crazy chew with doubles and triples followed by short lulls.  Its great seeing the fish come on the panoptix and being ready to grab that rigger.  Must have happened about 10 times that day. 


Hot Lures: Salmon candy Bam paddle with a green goblin fly (steelhead killer), DW super glow two faced and small silver carbon.


29th - Back out to the same waters but this time with a goal of getting my daughter a LOC fish.  Fishing was just as good as the day before and around 11:00 I watched a bullet come across the Panoptix and attack the middle rigger.  My daughter was on the rod fast and boated an 11.13 Steelhead which held out for her to win the youth division and 13th overall.  8 of the fish we boated this day were steelhead.


Same spread


30/31 - No fishing


1st - Back out to the same water another great mix of 2 years old's and steelhead (No Matures).  I had my other daughter on the boat looking for any LOC fish but came up short with 2 steelhead around 9lbs


Same spread


2nd - Worked 60'-120' in search of stagers and browns but we had a case of the dropsies and went 1 for 7.


3rd - Evening trip with my daughter and her friends.  Went after Lakers for the first hour to get the rods moving.  After putting 7 Lakers on the boat  we spent 2 hours chasing stagers put 3 on the boat and smiles to go around.


Hammerhead cowbells with gambler rigs for the Laker's.  When I target Lakers I only run the 2 corner riggers and slow down to 1.6-1.8.  If one rigger goes off I turn into the other rigger to slow it down and it usually produces a double.


For the kings all moonshine spoons 


4th - One last effort to get another LOC fish.  Warm water moved way in and the chances of finding a big brown looked bleak so we moved out to 100' to focus on stagers.  Was able to put 5 matures (lost another 5) on the boat , a few browns and some small kings.


DW super glow two faced took 4 kings and I had a yeck frog spoon near the bottom that took our biggest king.  I had that set for brown trout.  I ran an all spoon set with 2 dipseys, 3 riggers and a weighted steel.  besides the one hit off the bottom everything came out of temp (stagers).  


Bonus: My daughter was fighting a king and it let go as I was going to net it and ended up with a hook in my nose passed the barb.  Cut it and fed it through and kept fishing.  



Overall a great week of fishing (The rest of August was amazing also) I'm pulling the boat next week, time to start focusing no hunting prep and coaching football.  


Tight Lines,





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