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2 older Cannon Mag 10A downriggers for sale with swivel mounts.  Both riggers power up and work.  One seems to work well up/down with the toggle switch but no LCD display on the screen.  Could probably rebuild these (LCD model is no longer made) to work great or use them for parts.  Pick-up only. Located on  Onondaga Hill by Onondaga Community College.






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Right, the Digitroll also says Magnum 10A on it so I assume for parts sake the guts are the same besides the LCD touch panel which you can’t find anymore.   I never ended up putting these on my boat since I went a different route with manual downriggers but both run.

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3 hours ago, greenhornet73 said:

The swivel bases aren’t in good enough condition to put on my boat otherwise I would have kept them.  I oiled them up so they rotate ok but the springs are rusted out and won’t lock in place.

as long as a person could manually engage the pins they would still be so much better than not having any swivel bases at all. being able to turn them at a 45-degree angle off the corners and then turn them to the inside is priceless when getting gas at the dock.


that's like I started using manual riggers back in 77 when I was 26 years old for salmon fishing Lake Michigan. I had used manual riggers until about 12 years ago. I had come into a little extra money from backpay from Social Security disability. so I was looking at used Big Jon electric riggers on eBay when I noticed 2 distributors were having their own little price. they came all the way down to 500.00 for a pair of pro tournament riggers with stops and 4' booms in 12" sections. I bought 2. Then another set came down to 525.00 and I ended up buying them. shipping was free and no tax back then. 


but my point is I ended up kicking my behind every day for the next year, for now going to Electric Riggers 25 years sooner, LOL, the joke was on me. at that time we were just getting started walleye fishing on the central basin, and cranking 12# weights up by hand many times a day wasn't a welcome feat. i am 72 now and no way could i do it now. I did end up selling 2 of them after I used them a few times for 750.00. 4 riggers with 6 dipsy divers were just too much to keep up with. now I run 2 old cannon riggers that came with the boat my son and I bought, then I switched the dipsies out for the deeper divers.


but after seeing the lite bite slide divers I switched again for them. and for walleye fishing and I knew I couldn't replace them I wouldn't take 1,000.00 each for what I have. Just loosen the lure tension as loose as it will go and no matter how tight the rod tension is it will still trip on small white perch and most times a jumbo yellow perch will trip them. no dragging small fish around like with the dipsy or deeper diver. in rough water, you need the rod tension a little tight or you run yourself ragged on false releases. no worries with the lite bite divers. and I don't even use the slide I just use it with a 6' or 7' fluro leader.

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