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There is a new digital article out from Great Lakes Angler on lake trout... nice to see a local guy get some recognition...




"Then there’s a special company out of Hilton, New York, Gambler Rigs that have a series of both lures and gang trolls designed specifically for Great Lakes lake trout anglers. Their trolls are constructed for tracking down lunker trout and the various color patterns can be matched identically to the trailing Gambler Rig. It’s interesting to note the Gambler Rig is a combination of Worden’s Spin and Glos and tinsel tails. The same company also produce a special “Peanut” rig, utilizing the original Wordens Wobble Glo. Do they catch fish and big fish at that? You bet! "

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Very cool! Brian deserves a good plug for his company and his efforts. He has helped out a lot of folks on LOU over the years. Along with meat rigs they are the best thing out there for catching lakers.:yes:

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2 hours ago, Gill-T said:

They were fun as hell this morning in the gorge. Congrats Brian. Long live the laker !



Older boy and me landed 30+ there yesterday. Only a couple lakers. Mostly bows but also picked up 7 or 8 browns down river. Was surprised how warm the water still is at 40. 

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