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Yankee @ the Oak 7th-9th

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Another action packed weekend on Lake Ontario. The wind blew a little during the week, but the fish seemed to stay right out front of the creek. Mixed catches of Steelhead, ranging from 3-12lbs, and Salmon into the mid 20's kept us busy!

August 7th (Night Scouting Trip) - Billy V, my brother, and I headed out and shut down on the 25N line. We worked North to about the 28N line and picked fish the whole way. The program didnt change much from the previous week. Gator Stingray spoons and Dreamweaver Gator SS's parked at 65 and 80 on the riggers were taking most of the fish.

August 8th (Mornin) - http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=12704

August 8th (Evening) - Took a "fun" trip with my father and uncle. My uncle's biggest fish prior to this trip was probably a Pike. WE would change that real quick! Rods weren't even down and they started firing. We did 5 fish in the first hour. Lost a big guy, and boated a few steelhead. That same Northern King Copper NBK was firing regualryl as was a new spoon color I put down for the heck of it. A Stinger Nuclear Green parked at 65' on the rigger took two nice Salmon. The first being about 13lbs, but the next was a short, but fat, 23lb fish that took my 6'3" 275lb uncle for a ride! It took him out to 600' according to our Daiwa Sealine Line-Counter reels, and when he gained a few feet the fish would take twice as much! He had quite the grin when that fish hit the deck of the boat! The Stinger Gator Glows also accounted for a few steelies off the 80' rigger.


August 9th - I was joined my Mike Avino, his brother, and both of their wives. We decided to hit up the inside water 100-120' to see if we could hook into a big guy prior to heading off to those fertile Northern waters we had been fishing the last few weeks. It didn't take long, and we were into a brute. First to go was a wire diver out 150 on a 2 setting pulling a Gator Spin Doctor/A-TOM-MIK Green Crinkle. We dumped that fish almost immediately. Not 30 seconds later the other wire out 180 on a 2 setting starts screaming! My customer SmartFish with crushed glow on the back and twinkie tape on the front pulling an A-TOM-MIK Hypnotist was hooked up. This has been my big fish rig for a few weeks now. It took us all of 30 minutes to bring htis one ot the net, and when we put it on the scale it was a nice 22-23lb specimen. We would loose one other Steelhead in that water before we turned North and started searching. Well, the searching took about an hour and we were into them thick at the 25-26 North lines.Once I dialed in the program we started to put a hurting on them. We ran Stinger Gator Glows, Dreamweaver Area 51's, and Northern King Lazer Spooks on our rigger. We pulled the two combos above on our wires, and our junk rods were a 10 color with a Northern King Copper NBK, 300 and 400 coppers had White/Green Dot SmartFish and an A-TOM-MIK Hypnotist flies. We were done by noon with a four man limit, and some seriously satisfied customers!



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Those last 2 pics must be the clients, sweet smiles and that woman knows how to pose with fish to boot!!

Way to go, I always had fun fishing with you guys, so I am sure your clients must be so satisfied, you are a top notch operation Rick.

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