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Where for the Opener?


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i know where i am going for the opener after turkey hunting in the morning. was fishing last night and accidentally caught this 29.25" waldo. accidentally caught a few more "smacker" walleye, a smallmouth, one catfish and a big pike. this is my 3rd largest waldo from this body of water. yeah i am holding it out but it is a slob either way about it. just posting this picture to get all the walleye fisherman excited.


taken w/ a cell phone so crappy pic. last year i got a 32.5" and a 31" trolling at night at this spot on the largest rapalas they make and worm harness' w/ big blades (#5 and #6 colorado). i think the rapalas are size f13. i can only guess that both of these fish in the pics were easily over 10lbs, i am guessing the big one was around 12-13lbs since it was as fat as they can get. anyways it is still out there for you to catch. i only eat walleye from onieda so all of these are safe but i bet u could make two hamburgers with the cheek meat on this one. best luck and catch one for me. only 2 months until musky season opens in NY and all these other fish are safe from me! bty, yes i do know waldo's are not in season so no need to beat me up.


this one was 28" my buddy kevin caught and released. i am sure some of u guys know where that bridge is and how come his looks bigger than mine? no fair!

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