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10/20/10 the ponds

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:Jason Karol, aboard the yellow yak





Time on Water:4 hours


Wind Speed/Direction:15-25 knots from west, calming as it got dark

Waves: 1 ft

Surface Temp: mid 50s

Location:Lake O, the ponds area





Total Hits:13

Total Boated:8

Species Breakdown:Brown Trout

Hot Lure: 3/4 oz cleo, silver/blue or glow orange dot after sunset

Trolling Speed: casting

Down Speed:

Boat Depth:4-20 FOW

Lure Depth: top 5 feet of the water colum




I put a hurtin on 'em today boys :D I hadnt seen any fish for 3 weeks, then it exploded. Lots of mature Browns, 4-8 LBS and fighting real good with the cold water, pulling me and the kayak around. Had one tailwalk on the surface for 10-15 feet, with lots of hits right after the lure landed, and on a super fast retreive with some pauses mixed in. Worked real hard for the first 3, then caught the next 5 within a half hour at and just after sundown. Lots of jumpers feeding pretty hard, although i didnt see that many baitfish in the area. Heres some pics of the catches, enjoy :)

Football of the day, 8 LBS and 25"





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jKarol, those ponds have provided so many good times and memories for so many. My dad tells me about how good they were for Walleyes before the Alewives invaded. I grew up in Greece, and made many an 8 mile bike ride down there to cast for Pike and Bass. Later, trapped muskrats and ice fished for Pike, as drivers licenses allowed greater adventure. You are very lucky to live where you do, as I don't think you drive yet. I enjoy your posts, brings back many memories.

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Thanks captain. From monster pike, good numbers of largemouths, walleye, drum, the occasional catfish, browns, and salmon, the ponds are my favorite place to fish in this area. Even when i get my liscence in january, i wont be needing to drive anywhere for some prime fishing, made even better from a yak. The area has as well provided me with some great memories which have further increased my love for fishing, and i can now truly admit, i am a fishing adict :) College is only a year away, so i've been trying to get in as much fishing as possible (3-5 times a week) before i have to leave the big O. Thanks again capt. Vince, over the year you have provided me with some great hints and tips that have realy helped me become a better fisherman :clap: I'l have to invite you down in the spring to do some fishing in the area, maybe from a yak if your feeling adventurous.

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