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finally caught some fish. half mile east of I-bay. flat lines. 2-3 mph. 3 - 6pm. 10 feet of water. water = 44 degrees. silver/blue or gold/black husky jerk and a silver shallow runner shad rap. got 2 browns and the largest walleye i ever caught, a lake trout, and perhaps a coho? looks not quite like a brown so im not sure..pics below..anyway, best day of fishing yet

all were released in good spirits :)



not positive about this fish




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The boat is ready just waiting on a good day. Been working long hours but the weekend weather is looking up. About the Walleye, my son and I have been catching nice ones in the Bay through the ice for the last couple of years. Luckily the local perch jerkers have not caught on. We caught many drifting in the bay early in the season. There are some big ones there.

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i catch the walleyes in Ibay in the summer at night along the shoreline in about 3 feet of water...like clockwork, as soon as the sun goes down they bite...very big ones. actually never caught a small one....bass on the other hand...usually small.

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