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Pictures of a kid you took fishing

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This is my Youngest daughter and her smile absolutely melts my heart anytime she catches a fish. Its amazing how seeing a child "light up" anytime they catch a fish that brings things back into prespective.



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Here are a few pics with my 2year old son Landon with his 1st Brown Trout in then first minute of fishing on the big O!!!




This is Landon on his 2nd Birthday doing a little night fishing for walleye's last July!



And here is one with a nice Northern we picked up wile trolling for eye's, he Loves this game!

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Me and my 3 year old daughter. This was the first fish that she caught all by herself. She made the cast, set the hook, and reeled it in all by herself. She got it on a rubber worm in a golf course pond. I was very proud. I'm hoping she will be my boat partner some day.

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