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Monday at Braddocks

Picker Pines

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Just thought I would share with you some pictures of the Northern Pike I caught around 1 PM this past Monday on Braddocks Bay. Set up by 9AM and had only one flag and that was at 11AM. Looked to be a perch bite since there was only about 3 foot of line taken and the minnow looked like something had tried to swallow it head first. At noon in the drizzle and rain I decided to give it another hour and I'm sure glad I did....A little after 1PM as I was deciding to call it a day I get a flag and then a steady spinner turn on the tip up...A slight nudge in the direction of the line sunk into a fish...It was quite a trying battle, but I was finally able to squeeze this big boy through the hole with my hook removal grippers...Made my day and probably my lifetime.....peace and let's pray for more ice!







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