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Big Jon keeps popping the breaker

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I have a big Jon that keeps popping the breaker- not the whole breaker just the "fuse" part where I have to keep pushing the knob in. All wiring is legit and have tried everything that would eliminate all electronically related issues.

I've tried cleaning the motor with no help. Is this a motor issue?

The rigger has a 5a breaker in it (my other rigger w the same breaker works fine)

Is this a motor issue or could it be a bad breaker?

I think I'm going to buy a brute motor and breaker to upgrade but would like a little insight as to why this keeps happening.


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normally if  a circuit breaker pops it is due to temps/shorts that could be cause by bad brushed/armature bearing maybe a  bad pulley causing large lag in retrieving the weight pulling to much weight  and could always just be as simple as a bad breaker 


in not a pro but that is where i would start to look if the wiring is all good  and correct 

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